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Editor’s Viewpoint – Alzheimer’s Gets Recognition, But Lacks Funding

I was very sad to hear of the passing of Mott the Hoople drummer Dale ...

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Peter Adams, Editor of The Carer

Editor’s Viewpoint: Challenges for Care in the Year Ahead

A very happy New Year to you all! I will, for the next few posts, ...

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Editor’s Viewpoint: Merry Christmas from The Carer

All of us at RBC Publishing, publishers of The Carer, would like to take this ...

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Editor’s Viewpoint: Adult Social Care Funding – The ‘Elephant in the Room’

The issue of funding adult social care is in very simple terms, the “elephant in ...

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Care Home Owners Can Get Back Thousands Of Pounds Tax-Free From HMRC Due To Mistakes That They Made

Tax consultant Howard Givney says that there are thousands of pounds available to owners and ...

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Outdoor-Fitness for Care Homes: Demographics and Dementia

In the last few years outdoor-gyms have become increasingly popular and can be found in ...

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Dehydration in Older People Could Be Detected by Routine Blood Tests

Dehydration in older people could be accurately identified as part of routine blood testing according ...

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New Online Tool Will Improve Quality Of Care Delivered By Staff

The Rankein Scale is an online tool which assesses emotional intelligence. It has been designed ...

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