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Editor's Viewpoint

Editor’s Viewpoint: Dementia – Comedian David Baddiel’s Family Battle

I thought I would pick up on a recent TV documentary by comedian David Baddiel. ...

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Editor’s Viewpoint: Public Unprepared for the Financial Costs of Care

A very belated happy New Year to you all! Once again the issue of social ...

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Editor’s Viewpoint: A Merry Christmas and What Will 2017 Bring?

We here at The Carer would like to take this opportunity to wish all our ...

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Editor’s Viewpoint: Chancellor Fails To Address Social Care

To say that the care industry is shocked that there was no reference to social ...

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Products & Services

Dorset Council Deliver Disability Transport Service

A new fleet of wheelchair-friendly cars has been brought in to help deliver better council ...

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A Problem Solved by Essential Bathing

When we received a call from Mrs Barker we knew she had a distinctive problem ...

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Nourish: Taking Care Into The Future, Today

The internet and smartphones have led to dramatic changes in the way we live our ...

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Agrippa Fire Door Closers Easing the Way at Care Home

Agrippa fire door closers have played a key role in ensuring fire compliance at Ard ...

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Professional Comment

Are You Safe from Fire?

Unlike security systems which are regularly switched off when the premises are opened and switched ...

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Painkiller Addiction: How To Spot The Warning Signs And Avoid Becoming Dependent On Pain Relief Medication

With 4.7m people in the United States dependent on painkiller medication and numbers in the ...

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Dementia Training By Kathryn Penrith And Rachel Yates, Dementia Space Team, Making Space

There is one fundamental issue to bear in mind when caring for a person with ...

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National Living Wage: Face The Facts

In April the Government’s National Living Wage will rise from £7.20 per hour to £7.50 ...

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