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“Nocturnal Visitors: Care Home Residents Soar with Owl Encounters!”

Catherine House and Frome Nursing Homes, both homes part of Evolve Care Group, welcomed some special guests recently. Owl Enlightment based in Glastonbury, kindly brought in Bubble and Squeak who are brothers, and were raised by Michelle from Owl Enlightment since they were two weeks old. These species of Owls are native to Africa, and known as southern white-faced owls.

For those on a Dementia journey, connecting with animals can provide a sense of calm and can often encourage communication. Also it can reduce feelings of loneliness, and promote a sense of well-being. Owl Enlightment’s ethos mirrors this, “Interactions are motivational, educational and therapeutic to enhance quality of life. External factors can disturb the balance of the mind. This can be helped with positive influences such as animal assisted therapy especially in the early stages of mental health and can greatly improve symptoms.“

Catherine House and Frome Nursing Home recognise the importance of holistic care for their residents (fondly referred to as family members), and outings like these serve as a reminder of the simple act of popping to our neighbours can have a strong sense of community.


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