About Us

The Carer is an informative free-to-sector  advertising-driven publication for the independent Nursing and Residential Care Homes sector throughout England and Wales.

Published digitially weekly and in press bi-monthly, with 15,000 copies distributed by direct mail to Nursing and Residential Care Home proprietors throughout England and Wales, The Carer delivers to the advertiser the person in each establishment who has purchasing authority, providing the best possible opportunity to promote your product or service to the people that matter – the decision makers.

We cover all aspects of legislation, health & hygiene, safety, security, business, property & finance plus disability and mobility markets, giving you the best possible opportunity to promote your products to decision makers within the nursing and residential care profession.

We strive to ensure our publication is informative and appealing, in which we can provide the most practical advice affecting the industry today.




The Carer’s parent company, RBC Publishing Ltd., was established in 2000 and has over ten years experience publishing direct mail trade journals for the caring and hospitality industries. We aim to deliver the latest industry news and informative articles to our readership and to provide our advertisers with the best opportunities for promotion.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to continually improve both our products and services to meet customer and readership needs, and produce respected and quality publications with openness, honesty and integrity. This will allow RBC Publishing to grow and prosper. Fundamental to achieving success for the company are our core values:

  • PRODUCTS – Our number one priority, we aim to provide the best, continually developing to suit market and customer requirements, better and faster than any of our competitors.
  • PEOPLE – Our team are our source of strength and key to our success, providing corporate intelligence which will determine our achievements and reputation.
  • CUSTOMERS – The focus of everything RBC Publishing does. With our customers in mind we will listen, advise and act, striving to provide complete satisfaction.
  • PROFITS – The ultimate measure of how efficiently we provide our customers and readers with the best products and services to suit their requirements. Profit will enable us to survive, develop, improve and grow.