Cross Media Marketing with The Carer

Advertising Is The Most Important Tool In The Marketing Of Products And Services!



Businesses and business gurus all over the world universally accept this fact!

The amount spent on advertising is considered to be a profitable investment that reaps profits both in the long and short run.

Businesses that maintain their advertising regardless of rise or fall in the economic times get a competitive advantage over those that cut their ad budgets. The statistics don’t lie!

Press advertising works and can give you up to a 570% return on your investment, but we at RBC Publishing don’t stop there! We have much much more to offer…

Cross Media Marketing – What Is It?

mediaiconsIt’s multi-channel, targeted marketing campaigns that your customers and potential customers respond to.

It’s a consistent message. Multi-phased. Using an assortment of communications mediums that improve, and prove, your return on marketing investment.

The world of communications is changing rapidly, and so have we!

There are now more platforms, more ways to engage with your customers, and more advertising ‘noise’ for your audience to filter out of their hectic lives. Return on investment (ROI) on marketing material is more important now than ever.

Cross-media marketing co-ordinates print, trade show, online, social media, email and mobile friendly communications, creating that targeted dialogue with your audience. In simple terms (yes, let’s keep it simple!) you communicate a constant reliable message through a variety of channels, creating more chances for your customers to become aware of, and ultimately buy, your products or your services.

Print, trade show, online, social media, email, mobile friendly; all are great in their own right. Combine them, as we here at RBC Publishing do, and you have a match made in marketing heaven!

We have taken this complicated multi-channelled process and streamlined it for you. We’re good like that. We’ll guide your campaign from concept to design to putting you directly in front of your target market audience.

Multi-channel, measurable communications with improved ROI. A marketing must-have.