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Cloud Doing Good: Award Winning Care Accounting Software for Care Homes

Like it or not, financial accounting is crucial to the operations of your care home. Without accurate reports, you cannot make proper forecasts, build accurate budgets, get paid on time by multiple funders and keep bed occupancy at optimal levels.

Unfortunately, many care homes don’t have the time or budget to invest in powerful, care home accounting software. This results in a vicious cycle where financial teams are so busy running manual tasks that they cannot take the time to improve their accounting systems, only to find each year they are farther and farther behind the technology their care home will need in order to thrive in the long term.

Cloud Doing Good, a licensed partner of Oracle NetSuite, is here to stop that vicious cycle. We believe care homes should have access to enterprise-level software without ballooning their budgets, so we donate the base software with up to three users to qualifying non-profit care homes.

Why Care Home Accounting is So Complex

You know better than anyone that care home management is complex, and we know better than anyone that care home accounting gets complicated fast. Balancing income for each resident from Councils, private sources, and family members requires detailed billing practices. Add on top of that multiple legal entities, multiple care homes, the need for timely occupancy tracking and your finance team quickly becomes bogged down in repetitive, manual, and frustrating work.

To make it worse, most accounting software are designed for slick enterprises (and priced for slick enterprise budgets). That leaves too many care home finance teams battling spreadsheets and duplicate reports to accomplish basic care home accounting tasks.

How Cloud Doing Good Makes It Simple

Cloud Doing Good partners with care homes to implement Oracle NetSuite’s enterprise-grade accounting software at as low a price as possible. Here’s how Cloud Doing Good simplifies your care home’s accounting:

Single Source of Truth

Pull all your financial data into a single platform. Even with multiple legal entities, multiple care homes, complex billing structures, bed occupancy tracking, resident admissions and departures and additional unique needs, our system aggregates all the pieces of information into a single repository.

Robust Reporting

Whether you need to get an overview of last year’s spending or forecast income, you can run the necessary reports in a matter of clicks. This makes it simpler for your team to build forecasts, track spending, track bed occupancy and the financial implications in real time, and manage billing and collecting resident payments easily.

Implemented By Experienced Accountants

When it comes to your financial systems, you need financial experts—not call centre IT — to set you up for success. After all, with cloud software the IT should be pre-built and proven. With pre-built base software, we match our experienced system accountants with your project to make sure it reflects your accounts, your finances, and your people. So you get not just powerful accounting software, but confident end users within as little as 15 chargeable days. From the start of the project through your first month’s ends, you will have a team of system accountants on call to walk you through doing the day job on the new system.

Donated to Qualifying Care Homes

Cloud Doing Good’s mission is to bring streamlined accounting management to organisations that deserve it, so we keep it simple. For qualifying non-profit care homes, we donate the base Oracle NetSuite software, including up to 3 users and unlimited UK entities. This way, you can upgrade to enterprise-level accounting management without ballooning your budget.

Keeping Your Data and Care Home Secure with Oracle NetSuite

When you partner with Cloud Doing Good, you get access Oracle NetSuite’s award-winning accounting management software. 25+ years of investment and trusted by over 1 million users, Oracle NetSuite safeguards your data in a cloud network with the latest security protocols and automatic updates to protect against breaches. We’ll also integrate the platform into your existing data security structure for smooth, uninterrupted, and safe operations as needed. This way, you can focus on your care and let us worry about cybersecurity. Don’t risk your data and care home on a solution running small numbers of customers: Oracle NetSuite is powering 38,000+ organisations.

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