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Twin Scholars Receive Academic Excellence Award

Twin brothers Kehinde and Taiwo Mubarak Alimi, Salutem Care and Education scholarship students who work in the company’s Windsor head office, have won a prestigious Academic Excellence Award from Kingston University London for the second year running.

The Salutem Scholarship Programme offers a comprehensive package, including full fee waivers, maintenance grants, and paid internships, designed to support the next generation of health and social care professionals.

John Godden, chief executive of Salutem Care and Education, expressed his admiration for the twins’ achievements, saying: “Kehinde and Taiwo embody the very essence of what our scholarship programme aims to support. We normally offer one scholarship, but how could we choose between twins? Their dedication, resilience, and academic prowess are truly inspiring and demonstrates what a great decision we made supporting both of them. It’s a testament to the impact that targeted support and recognition can have on the lives of ambitious and dedicated young people.”

Jane Tapsell, interim head of Kingston Business School, also praised the twins, highlighting the significance of their success: “Kehinde and Taiwo’s achievements underline the importance of nurturing talent and providing opportunities for students to excel. Their success is a shining example for their peers and a proud moment for Kingston University. We are delighted to celebrate their continued academic excellence.”

Kehinde Alimi, reflecting on his journey, shared:
“The Salutem Scholarship has been a cornerstone of my academic and professional development. The opportunities for the internships and practical experiences have been invaluable. Being able to apply what I have learnt in class to the real world has been fantastic and seeing how, even in accounting, I can make a difference to people’s lives.

“Winning the Academic Excellence Award again is not just a personal achievement but a milestone that motivates me to aim higher in my future endeavours.”

Taiwo Mubarak Alimi added:
“The support from Salutem and Kingston University has been instrumental in overcoming financial barriers and enhancing my practical skills.  The work placement has allowed me to interact with people from all different walks of life, which is not usually something you see in accounting.

“The Academic Excellence Award is a recognition that fuels my determination to persevere and excel in both my academic and personal life.”














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