Care Home Resident’s Amazing Story Viewed By 107k People Online

maryreynoldsA heart-warming video of 97 year-old Mary Reynolds, who spoke to the BBC about the letters she wrote every day to her great friend Cathy, has moved young people across the country and has been viewed over 100,000 times on Facebook.

The video was filmed in Mary’s bedroom at a Barchester care home in London, and shows Mary talking about her life-long friend, Cathy, who she wrote letters to everyday for 77 years.

The tale of friendship touched thousands of online viewers with many young people saying that they hoped their most important friendships would last as long as Cathy and Mary’s.

The two friends met when they were ten and were separated during World War II but continued to write to each other every single day throughout Cathy’s life. Sadly, Cathy passed away this year.

Mary said of her letters to Cathy: “We shared all our lives and thoughts and hopes.”

At the time of writing Mary’s video was the second most watched video on BBC News Online and had 107k views on the BBC Like That Facebook page, 480 likes and 1.1k shares.

You can view Mary’s video here:














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