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Southampton Planning For The Future Event Gives Legal Advice To Older People

Southampton Notary Caroline Coats and Alzheimer’s Research UK hosted an event on Saturday 17 March on planning for the future for older people.

The event took place in Central Hall, Southampton, where those in attendance heard about writing Wills, Powers of Attorney and paying for care.

They also heard about the importance of gifts in Wills to Alzheimer’s Research UK. The charity funds research into dementia at research networks across the UK, and one in three of these projects would not be possible without the generous gifts supporters leave in their Wills.

Caroline Coats was on hand on the day to offer advice on how to plan for the future. She has one of the few law practices in Hampshire focusing exclusively on legal advice to older people, the disabled, their carers and their families.

Caroline said:

“The population is ageing, which means more and more people are affected by issues such as the funding of care, powers of attorney, the Court of Protection, as well as inheritance tax, Wills, probate and trusts.

“There has never been a more pressing need for expert guidance for older people when it comes to these legal issues.”

Caroline was joined at the event by Dr Diego Gomez-Nicola, a researcher at University of Southampton who has been funded by Alzheimer’s Research UK. He spoke about the importance of research into dementia and the progress already being made.

Georgina Hyman, Legacy and In Memoriam Manager at Alzheimer’s Research UK, also spoke at the event.

She said:

“We would like to thank Caroline Coats and Dr Diego Gomez-Nicola for coming to our Planning for the Future event in Southampton.

“It is essential that older people have access to legal information that can help them plan for their futures.”

“There are currently over 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK. Our mission is to find the first life-changing treatment for dementia by 2025. We can’t achieve this without the generous support from so many people who choose to leave gifts in Wills to Alzheimer’s Research UK.

“These gifts help to protect our children, grandchildren and future generations from the fear, harm and heartbreak of dementia.”