Solihull Care Home Excited To Begin New Intergenerational Pen Pal Initiative

Claridge Place, a care home in Warwick Road, Solihull, are keeping residents busy during the Coronavirus lock down, with one particular initiative that hopes to bring new, intergenerational community connections.

Due to Coronavirus infection prevention measures, visits to Claridge Place, operated by Sanders Senior Living, are currently postponed, but the professional care and wellbeing team have constructed an exciting plan, supported by Tudor Grange Academy Solihull, with great anticipation felt by residents.

Claridge Place Director, Peta Mandleberg, thought it’d be great to approach a school to connect with to help reduce loneliness and isolation at this time. Peta approached Tudor Grange Academy Solihull (where her step daughter happens to work) with the idea and they confirmed immediately that they were keen to support the initiative as it links directly to the Academy’s values, which include Kindness and Empathy. A small group of students enthusiastically agreed to write letters to the elderly residents of the home.

Being accustomed to receiving letters when living in their own properties, paper communication is a familiar form that they no longer really have dealings with, but the potential pen pal scheme will reignite that and will be a great means to make new friends and it will help in efforts to bridge the generation gap.

When the Coronavirus threat has passed, Claridge Place are hopeful that the students will be able to meet the residents and continue their new found friendships in person, getting to know one another, with communication then continuing on paper and in person on a regular basis.















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