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Post From Poppy

5-year-old to create personalised cards and crafts for 48 elderly residents at Brunelcare

Poppy, five, will be spending her evenings and weekends creating 48 personalised crafted gifts for the residents at Saffron Gardens, a Brunelcare Care Home. Realising that elderly people may feel more isolated today more than ever, Poppy has volunteered her time to create letters and drawings for each and every single resident at Saffron Gardens Care Home.

Poppy said: “I wanted to do something nice for the older people. My mummy told me that their friends and families may not be able to visit them as much, so I wanted to do something to make them smile. I love playing arts and crafts so I asked mummy if I could write letters and draw pictures to send them, and she said yes!”

Poppy has a list of names of every resident at Saffron Gardens who are living on wings; Palm, Aster, Birch and Hazel, and will be spending the next few weeks creating letters and drawings for each and every resident at the home. She’ll then post her letters and cards to Brunelcare, where Unit Care Leaders on the wings will distribute Poppy’s personalised crafts.

Francis De Villa, Care Home Manager at Saffron Gardens said: “Our residents are looking forward to receiving their cards and drawings. It’ll really put a smile on their faces. We have over 48 residents on the wings at Saffron Gardens, so Poppy is going to be hard at work! We wanted to say thank you to Poppy, this will mean so much to the residents.”

Sophie, Poppy’s mum said: “I’m so incredibly proud of her. She’s very intune to the bad news in the press at the moment and how this is affecting older people. She asked if she could draw some pretty pictures and letters to cheer them up, so we went out and bought lots of supplies!”

Poppy will be working hard on creating personalised crafts for the residents of Brunelcare, and aims to create six cards and drawings per evening with help from her mum and dad.