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Siblings Create New Future While Enjoying The Past As They Settle Into The Same Chesterfield Care Home

It’s well known that one sibling can often copy what the other one does! However, this has gone to a whole new level for brother and sister Grizelda and Clive, who are delighted to be living under the same roof again; Chatsworth Care Home in Chesterfield.

Grizelda Mansveto and Clive Heeley, age 88 and 75, have adjoining rooms at the home, one of 23 care homes run in the Midlands and the north by Orchard Care Homes. Clive moved into Chatsworth in 2019 while Griselda is a recent arrival.

Encouraging meaningful connections is a major part of the care offering provided by Orchard Care Homes for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia; Orchard maintains these connections can have a positive impact on a person’s emotional and mental wellbeing. Both Grizelda and Clive are living with dementia.

Grizelda said: “I love seeing Clive more often – I missed him very much when we didn’t live together. I enjoy spending time with my brother and like to sit in his room to share some of our favourite sweet treats together.”

Grizelda and Clive’s bond continues to grow in the care home, with Grizelda visiting her brother every morning. As well as chatting about fond childhood memories, the siblings are eager to create new special moments together.

Added Clive: “We had a very close relationship growing up; we loved running around in our big garden as a child and playing games together indoors. Now we live next door to each other, I get to see my sister every day and talk about our favourite times together. We are also making new memories, which I enjoy.”

With both Clive and Grizelda living with dementia, supporting the siblings to remain close is vital to maintaining all-important links to their past.

Michelle Rose, Home Manager at Chatsworth Lodge, said: “When Grizelda moved to Chatsworth Lodge, it was clear she missed her brother dearly. She would always ask for him and talk about their childhood together. Her personal situation recently changed and she needed full-time care. Since she joined our care home, they’ve become completely inseparable!”

As a dementia-friendly care home, colleagues at Chatsworth Lodge Care Home have seen first-hand the benefits of positive social connections; particularly for those living with dementia.

Michelle added: “Meaningful engagement plays a huge part in caring for our residents, and we believe maintaining relationships with loved ones is key. We always make sure Grizelda and Clive get to spend quality 1:1 time together and help keep their sibling bond as strong as ever.”

Research by AgeUK suggests that retaining close ties to friends and family, alongside participating in meaningful social activities, may help older people maintain their thinking skills and contribute to cognitive reserve.

Thanks to the team at Chatsworth Lodge, Grizelda and Clive are not only able to continue building their sibling bond but have also improved their general well-being and happiness since reuniting.

Michelle concluded: “Clive and Grizelda’s story is a true testament to the importance of maintaining key relationships, and we’ve loved watching their sibling bond grow. We’re grateful to the Chatsworth Lodge team for ensuring the pair are continuing to create wonderful memories together!”

Recent achievements for Orchard Care Homes include being named winner last year of the LaingBuisson Award for Excellence in Large Residential Care. It has also achieved a 5-star food rating at every home across its portfolio.














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