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Residents Interview Candidates at Hunters Creek Care Home in Boston

Home Manager Rachel French at Hunters Creek Care Home in Boston promotes a culture where residents are included in the decisions that have impact on their care, including the appointment of new team members.

Recently, Norma Yaxley supported Rachel to interview care assistant candidates. Norma asked her own questions and fed back to Rachel to help her make the final decision as to whether or not the applicant was to be offered the position. For Rachel it is crucial that Norma, and other residents, feel they would be comfortable with the potential employee delivering their care.

Rachel recognises that residents, more than anybody, understand what quality care looks like, and what it feels like to be in receipt of care. Care work is rewarding, and person centred; often when people join the care sector they find their vocation and begin a lifelong career. However, care work can also be unavoidably personal and intrusive; consequently, it is important that Home Managers do all they can to ensure the right people are recruited into the positions.

Home Manager Rachel French said,
“The incentive to include residents in the interview process was driven by the ethos of person-centred care. I value the opinions of our residents. The decisions they make are important and unpin our culture. We aim to recruit team members who support residents to feel safe, happy and included.

Recruitment at Hunters Creek does not focus on experience, instead the traits we look for in candidates are kindness and compassion.”