Record Number Of Long Service Awards At Hamble Heights

Hamble Heights Care Home has had nine members of staff recently celebrating five years of long service. Each were presented with a cheque for £500 and included Val Lewis, Vanessa Duggan, Toy Kerdseang, Dawn Ma, Halina Nazimak, Kathryn Snelgar, Roger Torres, Agnes Wrobel-Dryzmala and Melanie Booth.

Niki Richards, Home Manager at Hamble Heights care home says: “Care can be a demanding job and you’ve got to have people that are committed and dedicated. But they’ve also got to be supported and feel valued. It’s about knowing that you’re making a difference and achieving an inner satisfaction. We have such a great team at Hamble Heights that are exceeding all expectations.”

Niki added: “It’s being able to make sure that our staff are set up for success in their roles. We’ve got a backbone of staff that have shown dedication and commitment. These are the role models for existing and new staff. I’m proud to be leading a new, strong leadership team that can develop and shape careers.”

Emma Pallister, Group Head of HR of Encore says: “We are delighted to celebrate the long service awards for our nine employees at Hamble Heights Care Home.  The awards are not so much for long service, but as a reward for loyalty. We are committed to staff retention and growth, which links to loyalty and dedication being the keys to the success of any organisation. The care sector can be notoriously difficult to attract and retain employees, Encore recognises this and takes every opportunity to ensure that success is celebrated.”