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Its “Christmas Cheer” at Millard House Care Home

Staff and residents at Millard House Care Home have embraced the Christmas spirit with a wonderful showcase of Christmas Lighting and decorations!

Staff, with the help of the home’s residents went above and beyond to create a festive and heartwarming atmosphere, with both our indoor and outdoor spaces adorned with beautiful decorations, including dazzling lights, festive ornaments, and seasonal displays.

The festive display and Christmas decorations were made possible through a collaborative effort by staff, who dedicated several weeks to planning and gathering all the necessary items for the event, and the home extended invitations to the families and friends to join them on December 7th from 2:30 pm to 5 pm for a joyful celebration.

The highlight of the day was the enhancing Christmas lighting ceremony. which was followed by delightful refreshments and dancing accompanied by special entertainment.

Manager Mishell Perez said:
“We believe that featuring our Christmas lighting and decorations on your website would not only highlight the efforts of our dedicated staff but also serve as an uplifting and inspiring story for your readers. It would showcase the importance of creating a warm and inclusive environment for our residents and the positive impact it has on their well-being.”

“The heartwarming feedback from our residents truly made the event special, they expressed their immense pleasure and amazement at the Christmas lights and decorations, describing the atmosphere as incredibly festive and lively, It was evident that the holiday spirit had truly enveloped our home and our residents felt the warmth and joy of the Christmas season.”

“As the manager, I am thrilled with the overwhelming success of our Christmas lighting event. It was truly heartening to witness the collaborative efforts of our staff and the enthusiastic participation of our residents, their families and friends. the Joy and festive spirit that illuminated our home on that special day were truly remarkable. Our goal is to create a delightful experience for our lovely residents this festive season.”