Four Seasons Health Care To Host Mentorship Conference For Nurses In The Independent Sector

Four Seasons Health Care will be hosting the first Mentorship Conference for nurses in the independent sector, in association with the Northern Ireland Practice and Education Council (NIPEC) and Marie Curie. Taking place on 22nd May in Oxford Island, Craigavon, the conference will provide an update for 120 mentors from the independent health care sector.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council requires all qualified mentors to maintain and develop their knowledge, skills and competence as a mentor through regular updates and this event is designed to bring mentors, often working in isolation from other mentors, together to share best practice. Delegates will hear presentations from the University of Ulster, Queens University, Belfast, NIPEC, Marie Curie and FSHC on.

· Facilitating Student Learning

· Assessment of Student

· In-House Quality Assurance of Teaching and Learning in Your Care Environments

· How Important a Good Mentor is for the Student Nurse

· Why It’s Good to be a Mentor

Recently, three Four Seasons’ nurses successfully completed the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s Approved Mentor Preparation Programme in Northern Ireland. James Housten and Melanie Reyes from Saintfield Lodge in Belfast and Elsy Paylson Padyattil from Lisburn Care Home have all recently qualified as mentors and are now on the NMC register. They are now able to assess students and ensure that they meet the NMC’s standards, as well as identifying new learning opportunities and providing feedback to the local universities.

Melanie Bowden, Four Seasons Health Care’s Learning and Development Manager, said: “It is a mandatory requirement that all pre-registered nurses have mentors to help them translate theory into practice and achieve the necessary knowledge, skills and competence that are required for registration. As a result, our Independent Mentorship Conference has been planned to help support mentors working out in the many and varied fields of care in the independent sector where nursing takes place.”











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