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Davina and Barrie Celebrate their Diamond Anniversary at Etheldred House

It was a memorable day at Etheldred House Care Home in Histon when Davina and Barrie celebrated their 60th (Diamond) Wedding Anniversary.

It was March 5th, 1963 when Davin and Barrie tied the knot in the quaint village of Aldbourne in Wiltshire. Aged 20 and 21, it was very much the start of their life together after falling in love when they were just teenagers.

Davina and Barrie both fondly remember the day they met. Barrie came to the village to work with horses owned by Davina’s family, neither knowing at the time that this meeting would turn in a lifelong romance. Davin recalls they day she married Barrie like it was yesterday. “it was momentous because it snowed very heavily in the morning, which no-one expected and meant some guests couldn’t attend,” said Davina.

However, with many friends and family members, around 40 people attended to witness the marriage of Davina and Barrie. Davina recalls her favourite flowers ‘Lillies of the Valley’ were placed all around the room. Barrie still brings her these flowers to this day and the scent always takes her back to the magical moment they tied the knot.

The popular song ‘Can’t stop falling in love’ by Elvis Presley, also brings back special memories from their wedding day as this was the song, they had their first dance to.

60 years later and they’re still head over heels for each other. Barrie arrived at Etheldred House who arrived with her favourite flowers. Barrie has a bit of a sweet tooth, so she returned a gift of his favourite chocolates. They shared some valuable time together, talking about their marriage and sharing memories of their wedding day. It was wonderful to witness this strong and happy marriage continuing to blossom. Davina’s two sons, Darren and David also visited Etheldred to celebrate the day with their parents. With them, they brought their children, so Davina and Barrie were able to celebrate with their closest family members and spend some quality time with their Grandchildren.

Davina and Barrie had a tremendous day and it’s safe to say their Diamond Anniversary was one to remember!





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