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Spring Lambs Delight Care Home Residents

A woman who used to work as a cleaner at a Wellington care home has returned to visit the residents of Camelot House and Lodge accompanied by some special woolly visitors.

The lambs, named Cookie, Tulip and Oreo, were brought into the home by Carole Taylor, who was able to borrow them from a smallholder in nearby Rockwell Green.
Richard Dempslake, activities coordinator for Camelot House and Lodge, said: “Residents loved watching and holding the lambs, and were thrilled to have the chance to feed them.

“Because we are in a location with a lot of farms nearby, many residents started talking fondly about memories of growing up on or near farms, or working on a farm.
“Watching the lambs frolic in our garden made everybody smile – they are so cute! And bottle-feeding them was also an experience they really enjoyed.

“The ladies and gents we support at Camelot House and Lodge are living with varying degrees of dementia and we find that suitable animal visitors can help reduce some of the effects of the condition, and bring a lot of enjoyment.

“Pet therapy can help residents be more interactive, as well as reducing agitation, irritability and anxiety.

“Carole has visited before with a lambs called Socks, and we hope to be welcoming her back again. The lambs were a real hit with our residents so we really appreciate her arranging the visit.”





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