Care Village Residents Have A Cracking Time Raising Newborn Chicks

Residents and staff members from specialist care provider, Belong Atherton, had an egg-cellent time celebrating Easter by taking in incubated eggs and watching them hatch into chicks.

The eggs were delivered to Belong Atherton by the ‘Incredible Eggs’ organisation, which gives care villages the opportunity to see chicks hatching from their eggs, handle them and look after them.

As the residents interacted so well with the birds, Belong Atherton’s Astley Household have permanently adopted the chicks, to give residents the opportunity to cuddle, feed and water the newborns.

Interacting with animals such as chickens has proven to hold therapeutic benefits for older people, as nurturing animals helps to reduce agitation, loneliness and depression that can be experienced by individuals with dementia.

The chicks have also been taken into Belong Atherton bedrooms to boost the wellbeing of residents who are not well enough to visit the newborns themselves.

Gemma Willetts, Experience Coordinator of Belong Atherton, said: “It is truly wonderful to have the Incredible Eggs chicks with us at Belong Atherton. Residents really enjoyed watching the chicks hatch and monitoring their growth and it was lovely to see everyone interacting with the newborns – they definitely boosted morale in the village and helped us all get into the festive Easter spirit!”


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