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Care Homes Raise £3,000 By Showing How Their Gardens Grow

Residents and staff at two south coast care homes opened their gardens to the public and raised just under £3,000 for charity.

The Colten Care homes, Woodpeckers in Brockenhurst, Hampshire, and Brook View in West Moors, Dorset, together welcomed nearly 300 people, many of whom were new visitors.

The homes’ open days were part of the National Garden Scheme (NGS), under which people pay admission to private gardens across the UK in support of nursing and health charities.

Woodpeckers held two open days in September on its third annual involvement with the scheme, welcoming more than 200 visitors and achieving a record £2,382.

Of this, £1,510 will go to NGS charities with the remaining £872 donated to the home’s own nominated causes for this year, mainly the Honeypot young carers’ charity.

Brook View meanwhile opened its garden to around 60 visitors for a day, raising £530.

Colten Care’s Head Gardener Charles Hubberstey, who was present at both homes to offer expert advice on gardening, said: “Residents and visitors had a fantastic time looking around the gardens, enjoying afternoon teas, chatting with each other and purchasing plants.

“Both gardens looked great, everything was ship-shape.

“A good majority of our visitors had not been to the homes before and we know that a few had gone to Brook View first and been so impressed they decided to visit Woodpeckers too.

“We’re proud that our gardens are recognised as being of NGS standard.

“It shows the importance that Colten Care place on them as beautiful outdoor spaces that contribute to the overall appeal of our homes and residents’ quality of life.”










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