Care Home Remembrance Tribute

Care-Home-Remembrance-TributeRecently residents of Holly bank Care home Arnside (part of the pearlcare Group) along with Oomph activity co-ordinaters Ann Mason-Day and Angela Woods took part in a craft morning with a very special significance

Poppies were drawn ,cut and glued to a large acrylic canvas and wreath made to commemorate not only the centenary of world war one ,but the act  of Remembrance for all who sacrificed their lives in all wars and conflicts

After all the hard work was achieved the “tribute “took pride of place in the main lounge of the home

For all concerned this has been a rewarding experience. The efforts of not only the residents but of Ann and Angela have been appreciated by family, visitors and all other professionals that visit the home .

They gave their tomorrows so we could have our todays, has not been forgotten by staff, residents at Holly Bank