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Care Home Brings Notting Hill Carnival Excitement To High Wycombe

Notting Hill Carnival fun has come to Royal Star & Garter in High Wycombe.

The Home, which provides loving, compassionate care to veterans and their partners living with disability or dementia, held a carnival barbecue for residents and their relatives on Tuesday, 22 August.

It took place after veterans at the Home requested an event to help them celebrate the Carnival, which will be held on the streets of West London on 27-28 August.

The event took place in the Home’s stunning gardens, with residents making the most of the long-awaited arrival of summer.

A steel pan drummer provided entertainment, while the Home’s kitchen crew cooked up a mouth-watering barbecue.

The event was organised by the Home’s dedicated Wellbeing Team, who provide events, exercises, activities and outings for residents. Wellbeing Coordinator Alysia said: “We are always talking to residents to find out what things they’d like to do, and one asked if we had plans for the Carnival. We thought it was a great idea so we brought Notting Hill Carnival to High Wycombe! It was a warm day, so residents sat in shady areas or wore hats, and they had plenty to drink to keep hydrated. They had a wonderful time, and enjoyed sharing the day with their loved-ones and other members of staff.”