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Cambridge Court Expands Animal Therapy Program

Cambridge Court care home has announced the expansion of its animal therapy program within the home, and following on from last years Alpaca visit the homes has now welcomed an “animal roadshow” with various animals, including Alpacas and hatched ducklings for the third year running,

Animal therapy refers to the use of animals to help people who have specific mental or physical conditions and has a massive positive impact on resident well-being.

The 53 bed home caters for all categories of care from residential to dementia nursing and animal therapy is one of the activities, manager Alena Petrie said “The therapy brings so much joy to many so we are trying what we can and expanding on the experiences. We also work with neighbouring nursery and primary school when children visit during the anima therapy sessions it is double beneficial to our residents.”

“We have one to one close experiences booked for one of our animal lovers as a bucket list wish in close by safari park and Zoo.”











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