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Boutique Care Homes Christmas Competition Winners Revealed

The festive spirit has reached its peak at Boutique Care Homes, culminating in the announcement of this year’s Christmas Competition winners. Exclusive to residents and team members, these heartening competitions showcased creativity and community spirit across three enchanting categories.

The festive celebrations have not only illuminated the homes of Brampton Manor, The Burlington, and Chartwell House but have also served as a testament to the vibrant tapestry of traditions and creativity within Boutique Care Homes. As residents and teams collaborated with unwavering enthusiasm, the essence of community and festive joy became palpable.

Wreath-Making Competition:

In the Wreath-Making competition, where residents and team members joined forces to craft captivating wreaths, Brampton Manor, The Burlington, and Chartwell House each presented unique entries. Brampton Manor stole the show with handcrafted wreaths adorning the Bistro area. Made with natural resources like foliage and wool to create vibrant pom poms, their wreaths set a festive tone resonating throughout the home. The Burlington’s grand selfie wreath in the foyer earned a Special Mention, showcasing unity with residents’ names displayed in hearts. Meanwhile, Chartwell House added a unique touch with Christingle wreaths, providing a lovely religious connection with natural elements and illuminated lights.

Christmas Cupcakes/Gingerbread Decoration Competition:

The Christmas Cupcakes/Gingerbread Decoration competition at Brampton Manor brought out the bakers and decorators among residents. Their triumph included small cakes adorned with festive accessories, notably featuring Christmas tree cupcakes with buttercream icing, adding a delightful touch to the holiday atmosphere. The Burlington also made a Special Mention-worthy contribution in this category, showcasing their own unique spin on the competition. Chartwell House excelled with delicious gingerbread biscuits decorated with love, earning them a Special Mention for their love-infused creations.

Christmas Tree Decorations Competition:

Exceptional creativity reached its pinnacle in the Christmas Tree Decorations category at Brampton Manor, The Burlington, and Chartwell House. Brampton Manor’s residents, alongside the dedicated team, showcased their skills, resulting in a novel book Christmas tree adorned with handcrafted decorations. This unique display caught the judges’ eyes, exemplifying excellence in both individual tree decorations and the overall tree. The Burlington secured the top spot in Handmade Tree Decorations, showcasing their residents’ and team’s outstanding creativity. Chartwell House’s beautiful and traditionally dressed Christmas tree, mounted with a ‘CH’ tree topper, emerged as the Best Christmas Tree, becoming a showstopper in the Bistro area.

Boutique Care Homes founder and managing director, Ameet Kotecha, expressed his delight, stating, “The creativity and festive spirit displayed by our homes have truly warmed our hearts. Each entry was a testament to the dedication and joy that our residents and teams bring to the holiday season.”

As we unveil the winners, Priya Bhayani, Quality Director at Boutique Care Homes, added, “The Christmas Competitions have not only showcased remarkable talent but also fostered a sense of community and togetherness. It’s a testament to the dedication of our residents and teams.”

Winners of the Christmas Competitions:

Group Wreath Decorating:

  • Winner: Brampton Manor
  • Special Mention: The Burlington

Handmade Tree Decorations:

  • Winner: The Burlington
  • Special Mention: Brampton Manor

Festive Cupcakes & Gingerbread:

  • Winner: Brampton Manor
  • Special Mention: Chartwell House

Best Christmas Tree:

  • Winner: Chartwell House
  • Special Mention: Brampton Manor

Overall Winner: Brampton Manor

Brampton Manor emerged as the overall winner, excelling in all categories, a true testament to their residents’ and team’s dedication and creativity.

Boutique Care Homes extends gratitude to all participants for their contributions, emphasizing that these competitions not only showcased creativity but also provided an opportunity for residents and teams to bond, create lasting memories, and spread festive joy.