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Alpaca Herd Descends on Fife Care Home

Residents of Camilla House Care Home in Auchertool were left surprised when a herd of alpacas wandered into their living room this week.

While the animal is usually found in South America, this adventurous group made the visit to Camilla House as part of the home’s pet therapy programme.

Pet therapy is a beneficial activity for the elderly, which enables them to bond with trained animals. Studies show time spent with the animals increases wellbeing and happiness levels, reduces blood pressure and alleviates feelings of stress and anxiety.

The gentle and calm nature of the alpacas was perfect for the care home and residents spent the day feeding, walking and stroking them.

Camilla House, part of the Holmes Care Group, regularly arranges activities as part of their mission to provide outstanding care and support to the elderly.

Charles Watson, resident of Camilla House, said: “Meeting the alpacas was wonderful – I’d never stroked one before and didn’t realise how soft they were!”

Natalia Murphy, Lifestyle Coordinator, said: “The residents loved the alpacas it was heart-warming to see everyone’s smiles. We will definitely arrange for them to return!”











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