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Westgate Celebrate Their Outstanding Team Members At The First Westgate Care Awards

Outstanding employees at Westgate Healthcare were recognised at a glittering awards ceremony organised in their honour.

16 team members across 8 homes had their hard work celebrated at the Westgate Care Awards ceremony held at Micklefield Hall, Hertfordshire.

At the ceremony, which was attended by 100 people, team members were recognised for going above and beyond in their care provision across 12 categories ranging from Care Home Team of the Year to Housekeeping Hero.

In advance of the event, each finalist had been nominated by colleagues, shining a light on those showing commitment and loyalty to Westgate as well as drawing special attention to the many stars within the company.

Sanjiv Patel, CEO, said “The quality healthcare we deliver, is achieved not just by adherence to procedures but through the efforts of our dedicated staff. Continuity and reliability is so important in our sector and the evening was an opportunity to recognise and award those particular employees who go above and beyond and are outstanding in their everyday roles.”

This momentous occasion recognised the unsung heroes who continually redefine the essence of quality care across the group.

Sita Foxon, Managing Director, added “These awards are more than an acknowledgment of professional excellence; it is a heartfelt ‘thank you’ wrapped in endless appreciation to all our team members. It is through their dedication that Westgate Healthcare maintains its reputation and continues to make a meaningful impact on the lives of our residents.”

“A fantastic night was had by all and I would like to give a huge thanks to all our team members across our homes for making a difference to the lives of others. ” Tara Teubner, Director.

Nurse of the Year – Digna Cesione and Sinu Vinod Kumar

Carer of the Year – Jade Plummer and Karlene Birch

Rising Care Star – Kamila Kornacka

Wellbeing and Activities Co-Ordinator – Lucie Baker

Housekeeping Hero of the Year – Tincuta Degi

Catering Star of the Year – Zoe Kemp

Front of House/Admin of the Year – Julie Bowden

Maintenance of the Year – Andrei Marin

Outstanding Leader – Renata Suluguic

Care Home Team of the Year – Riverdale Care Home

Westgate Star of the Year for Contribution to the Company – Kyla Darling and Renjini Nair

Unsung Heroes of the Year – Fanel Pirjoleanu Maria Fagen Juliana Mensah