Wellbeing Initiatives Enhance Residents’ Quality Of Life During Coronavirus

The extensive wellbeing programme in HC-One care homes across the UK has had a significant and positive impact on Resident’s emotional, mental and physical health, including those living with dementia. This has become even more important during the coronavirus pandemic, with the increased focus on wellbeing activities in the lives of Residents.

The pandemic has posed many challenges for Colleagues to safely provide wellbeing activities within HC-One care homes. Whilst the primary focus has been on protecting Residents living in HC-One care homes, HC-One has also been working hard to enhance their quality of life during this period. HC-One has adapted a number of wellbeing activities to be delivered safely and align with bringing physical, mental and emotional stimulation to Residents.

Robi Roccella, Head of Quality of Life at HC-One, commented:

“During these unprecedented times, the importance of enhancing Residents wellbeing and providing stimulation to their body, mind and soul has been even greater. HC-One is inspired by the ways in which HC-One Colleagues have harnessed the power of kindness and established new ways of engaging with the people HC-One support, whilst adhering to guidelines. With restrictions in place regarding visits from family and friends, it is even more important now that the wellbeing of Residents and their quality of life remains of equal importance to the quality of the care they receive.”

Colleagues have collaborated together to bring their creative thinking to the forefront of inventing new ideas and ways of bringing activities to Residents. HC-One’s own initiative of ‘Stop the Clock’, where Colleagues across the care home stop what they are doing once a day and engage with Residents, has been instrumental during lockdown. By promoting this initiative, homes have ensured Residents wellbeing needs are met through the whole home approach. Magna Care Home in Wigston have been enjoying their ‘Stop the Clock’ sessions. They had an afternoon where Colleagues and Residents enjoyed joining in with armchair exercises and singing along to music. At Forthbank Care Home in Scotland, they have been creating small teams consisting of Residents and Colleagues, providing an opportunity to get involved in simple but competitive and engaging games. This has helped stimulate Resident’s mind, body and soul, and to create a sense of achievement for both Residents and Colleagues.

Technology has also been extremely valuable during lockdown, with all HC-One care homes receiving tablets to support Residents to keep in touch with their loved ones. Colleagues at Kirkwood Court in Newcastle went one step further, using their tablets to keep in contact with their local community and enabling Residents to stay in touch with their regular pet therapy dog, Bruce, through video calls. Bruce (and his human) have also sent letters to Residents with photos of him visiting before lockdown.

Angela Douglass, Home Manager at Kirkwood Court, said:

“It is hard to put into words how much of a positive impact Bruce has had on Residents. Having the video calls from Bruce has brought happiness and a lot of excitement. HC-One are incredibly grateful for how much Bruce and his human have done for HC-One Residents and are thrilled at the difference he has made.”












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