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Exemplar Health Care Launches Transformative New Leadership Pathways

Nursing and care provider Exemplar Health Care has launched its transformative new Leadership Pathways, part of The Exemplar Academy.

Representing a major investment in the development of its people and their skills, the Leadership Pathways seek to redefine leadership training in the healthcare sector by transforming the skills and career opportunities of participants.

Offering a clearly defined career pathway that empowers individuals at every level of the organisation, they span four distinct levels – aspire, engage, accelerate, and inspire.

Designed for colleagues in a wide range of roles at all stages of their career,  the programmes will equip learners with the skills and behaviours needed to excel in their roles and advance their careers, whether they are aspiring or experienced leaders.

Rob Coxon, Director of The Exemplar Health Care Academy, the organisation’s learning and development body, said:
“The launch of Exemplar Health Care’s new Leadership Pathways marks an exciting milestone in our journey of continual improvement. Our pathways aren’t just about training; they’re about transforming the career prospects of our colleagues by empowering them to become exceptional leaders who can drive positive change and deliver outstanding care for the people we support.

“Following a period of rapid growth, it became imperative for us to create a bespoke training offer that embeds the ‘Exemplar Way’ and enables ambitious and talented colleagues to progress their careers. As we continue growing, we’ll require more leaders at every level – the pathways seek to develop these leaders from our existing talented team, supporting retention and giving colleagues the practical skills and career advancement opportunities that truly make caring at Exemplar Health Care a rewarding career choice.”

The Leadership Pathways offer a comprehensive learning experience that goes beyond traditional training methods. There are currently four learning programmes, each of which consists of seven modules covering essential skills and knowledge for effective leadership. Participants benefit from a blended learning approach, including face-to-face sessions, coaching, peer-to-peer learning, and on-the-job training.

Steve Melton, CEO of Exemplar Health Care, commented:
“Investing in our people has been central to our success to date and remains of paramount importance as we continue on our growth journey. Our goal is to empower our colleagues by providing them with the tools, confidence, and opportunities they need to thrive in their careers.

“We believe that by creating an environment in which everyone can develop their leadership skills, we can ensure that our team is equipped to provide the best care and support to the individuals we support. Our mission is to ‘make every day better’ for everyone connected to Exemplar Health Care, and we’re confident that our new Leadership Pathways will help us achieve that goal.”











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