Toray Pines Resident Celebrates Milestone Birthday

TorayA resident at Toray Pines care home in Coningsby has just celebrated her 104th birthday.

Eveline Annabell, who was born during World War I on 21st April 1915, has lived at Tanglewood’s Coningsby care home since October 2016 and is one of a few residents to have reached their centenary recently.

Despite her age she remarkably doesn’t take any medication!

After spending her birthday with close family including her son and grandson, Eveline returned to Toray Pines where the home’s staff had put balloons in her room and made her a home-made chocolate cake.  

Talking about reaching the major milestone, Eveline said: “I can’t quite believe I am that age, but I’ve had the loveliest of birthdays.

“I spent my actual birthday with family and managed to see my two granddaughters who I can’t quite believe are now studying at university. It was wonderful to see them all.

“I got married at 21 in 1936, and now as I celebrate this birthday, I can’t help but think I’ve been 21 a few times over already!”

Eveline has lived through two world wars, Neil Armstrong’s moon landing in 1969, the break-up of the Soviet Union, 25 prime ministers – starting with Herbert Henry Asquith – and four British monarchs.

Eveline is one of the oldest in the Tanglewood group of six homes and over 400 residents.

Katie More, Registered Manager at Toray Pines, marked Eveline’s birthday with a special announcement at their annual Easter party on Thursday 18th April.

“Eveline is a much-loved and valued member of the Tanglewood and Toray Pines family, so we wanted to give her a special and memorable day,” said Katie.

“I think she [Eveline] is an absolute inspiration actually. Everyone says she looks a lot younger than she actually is, and it’s true. She’s still sharp as a pin and it’s amazing that she doesn’t take any regular medication too.”







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