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Tom Kerridge Partners with Knorr Professional Bouillons to Launch New Online Training & Inspiration Hub for Chefs

Chef Tom Kerridge has today been announced as the new Creative Director for Knorr Professional’s Bouillons range. Chef Tom is partnering with the brand across a range of initiatives, including the launch of a new training hub for chefs. The online platform, known as “The Base”, contains exclusive recipes developed by Tom and filmed as video tutorials, plus a series of training videos aimed at helping other professional chefs to improve their skills in the kitchen.

Two Michelin-starred Chef Tom, known for his pedigree in pubs, has developed a range of classic recipes with a modern, seasonal twist, each utilising products from the Knorr Professional Bouillons range in a different way. The dishes, including a Herb Crusted Cannon of Spring Lamb and a Sea Bass & Fennel Paella, showcase the versatility of Knorr Professional Bouillons, from delivering depth of flavour at the base through to a seasoning boost, meat rub or salt replacement.

Tom Kerridge said: “I’m so excited to have taken on the role of Creative Director for Knorr Professional Bouillons and to have the chance to share some of my favourite recipes, plus tips and advice, with fellow chefs and culinary professionals. Sharing is such an important part of what we do as chefs. It’s integral to keeping our amazing industry thriving, innovating and celebrating amazing, seasonal food – and it’s a celebration of seasonality that’s right at the heart of the dishes I’ve created for The Base.”

Tom continues: “Knorr Professional Bouillons allow chefs to create really exciting food that’s delicious and rich in flavour – whilst saving time and cost. Using bouillons in kitchens isn’t about cutting corners. It’s about bringing the best out of the ingredients in a dish, adding an extra dimension to your food and making this food accessible and achievable for chefs of all levels. My goal is fundamentally to inspire other chefs. To get them excited about putting their own twists on classic dishes and to help them grow and develop their skills and careers.”

With Tom Kerridge at the helm as Creative Director, Knorr Professional is also making The Base a hub for chefs and operators from other more specialist corners of the foodservice industry.

Preston Walker has joined the brand as an ambassador for Elderly Care and shares seven of his top dishes for care chefs on The Base, to form a week-long menu of meals packed with nutritional benefits to meet the needs of residents living in care. Preston is an award-winning chef with 25 years’ experience and has dedicated his later career to improving standards of cooking across the elderly care sector.

Preston said: “The dietary needs of elderly people living in care are unique and often require specialist knowledge and understanding. I’m so proud to be partnering with Knorr Professional Bouillons to create and share recipes and tips that will genuinely help improve the skills of chefs working in this exciting sector. The Knorr Professional Bouillons range is versatile, of the highest quality and helps to deliver unrivalled depth and richness of flavour – helping to create dishes that are perfect for those whose taste buds might be declining in later life.”

Kath Breckon has joined Knorr Professional Bouillons as a brand ambassador for Education, helping to inspire school caterers across the UK with her extensive knowledge and experience from over 30 years of working in school kitchens. An award-winning chef, Kath is also the only front-line school worker to sit on the LACA board, using her first-hand experience to make a real difference.

Kath said: “The challenges school caterers face every day are very different from the wider foodservice industry, so it’s great to be working with Knorr Professional to identify and help mitigate some of these challenges. My recipes for school caterers use Knorr Professional Bouillons to create nutritious and cost-effective dishes suitable for both primary and secondary education facilities, delivering maximum flavour from simple, staple ingredients.”

Alex Hall, Executive Chef at Unilever Food Solutions, the brand owners of Knorr Professional, said: “Knorr Professional and Unilever Food Solutions are delighted to be working with three chefs at the top of their game. Tom, Preston and Kath are the definition of ‘The Best in the Business’ in each of their respective sectors. It’s been truly inspiring to see them create recipes and content for The Base over the past few months and we are delighted to be launching this platform enabling chefs from all corners of the industry to learn and get inspired. These chefs have created some amazing dishes using Knorr Professional Bouillons that I’m confident will help other chefs to elevate the flavours in their dishes, do more with more diverse, seasonal ingredients and deliver exceptional food for their customers.”

Each Knorr Professional Bouillons ambassador will be creating and releasing new recipes and content via The Base at regular intervals in the coming months and beyond.

The Base web hub, along with further information about the Best in the Business campaign from Knorr Professional Bouillons, can be found at:


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