The NACC Gives Care Caterers Support And Confidence To Meet The Growing Demand For Fortified Menus

NACC Fortified Meals Recipe Book - Dips Selection (1280x854)The National Association of Care Catering (NACC) has produced a new Fortified Meals Recipe Book to provide additional support to care caterers in this specific area.

Demand for fortified diets to support the health needs of the elderly is increasing and with it the requirement for caterers to offer a variety of fortification options in care settings. The NACC’s valuable recipe book gives care caterers the knowledge and confidence to meet this demand and effectively create fortified menus that enhance an existing diet with calorie-dense foods, and also taste great and are visually appetising.

The comprehensive recipe book offers inspiration and a real helping hand in preparing successful fortified meals and is a great addition to any existing nutrition strategy. It features a wide variety of easy-to-follow recipes, advice on adapting meals already being prepared for others, nutritional analysis to enable caterers to trace calories consumed, portion guides, a useful one-week menu planner that covers each mealtime and includes ideas for snack and drinks for variety, and tips from an expert chef on how to present dishes to ensure meals are eaten.

The Fortified Meals Recipe Book will officially launch at the NACC Training & Development Forum in Nottingham on 1-3 October 2014, but it is available to pre-order now at

Neel Radia, National Chair, NACC, comments: “For people at risk of malnutrition a fortified diet plays a vital role in maintaining weight and overall health. Fortification, however, is one area where there is currently still little or no understanding. We therefore were compelled to produce this recipe book to give caterers the know-how and capability to deliver this increasingly important element of care catering.

“The Fortified Meals Recipe Book will inspire caterers with a varied repertoire of delicious fortified meals, snacks and drinks that are easy to make and ensure calorie-dense meals that meet the dietary needs of residents – and are, of course, always enjoyable to receive and eat. It also supports on a practical front with nutritional information that is crucial for monitoring the calorie intake of residents and a handy menu planner that will allow for a variety of fortified options to be introduced and easily incorporated into existing menus.”

For further information and to pre-order a Fortified Meals Recipe Book visit or contact the NACC at contact / 0870 748 0180.

















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