Tameside Care Home Residents Celebrate 85 Years Of Friendship

Mary and Gladys, two Residents at The Beeches care home, are celebrating a huge 85 years of their friendship together.

Mary Quinn has lived at the Tameside care home for just over 4 years, and her friend Gladys Robson moved to the home 2 years ago. Both Residents have known each other since the age of 11 and are now both 96 years old and getting to share even more memories together.

Gladys used to often come and visit Mary in the home and would stay for lunch occasionally. However in February 2018 Gladys decided that she wanted to live at the Beeches.

Gladys loves getting to spend time with her oldest friend, reminiscing about their school days and fond memories they have from going to church together. They both used to clean and help out at the mums and tots club at the church too.

Back in the day Mary and Gladys were both in the ladies guilds and used to go out enjoying lunches at Wetherspoon’s and shopping in Stalybridge together regularly.

Since living at the Beeches they both enjoy joining in with different activities in the home. They both used to love going on trips out and visits to events on at the Holy Trinity church, which they are keen to get back to once the pandemic is over.

The pair love being together and it is so special that they are able to continue their friendship within the same home.

When asked about their friendship Mary said “I think it’s marvellous we are here together, we can tell you some stories” and Gladys said “it’s nice that I live here with Mary, we have known each other a very long time and been here for each other whenever needed”.

Sade Smith, the homes wellbeing coordinator, commented “This is why I love my job, seeing friends reunited together and sharing the fond memories they have”.














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