Supermarket Bag Pack Helps Hartlepool’s Homeless

SupermarketCARE home staff raised hundreds of pounds for a Hartlepool soup kitchen after spending the day packing shoppers’ groceries.

Staff from Queens Meadow Care Home, on Stockton Road, manned the checkouts at a Tesco supermarket to raise the funds.

They were joined by volunteers from St Aiden’s Church, which operates the soup kitchen to help the town’s homeless.

The group collected £375.00 from generous shoppers after helping them pack their bags.

Queens Meadow Care Home manager Julie Armstrong, activities coordinator Debbie Wilkes and her grandson, carer Kat Slater and her daughter, and housekeeper Mandy Bland, her children and mother-in-law all took part.

Pauline Clarkson, Jayne Hunter, Claire Barker and Pamela Flynn and her son, from St Aiden’s Church, also got involved.

Home manager Julie said: “The bag pack was to raise funds for the homeless and St Aiden’s soup kitchen, as we regularly work with this community organisation.

“Queens Meadow Care Home is a drop off point for donations to the soup kitchen and we try to help in any other way we can.

“Our activities coordinator, Debbie, thought it would be good to raise extra funds for them by doing the bag pack and I’m delighted to say it was a huge success.

“Anyone who would like to support the St Aiden’s Church soup kitchen can drop off any donations at the home, which will go a long way to helping Hartlepool’s homeless.”