Suffolk-Based Care Home Builds Nostalgic Shopping Lane to Promote and Nurture Resident Independence

A family-run care home group operating across Suffolk and Northamptonshire has transformed their residential home by building an exclusive shopping lane for residents to enjoy – offering them a real sense of the High Street, in a safe and secure environment.

The Dell, a branch of Wellbeing Care that provides residential, dementia and respite care, launched the shopping lane initiative to maintain a level of normalcy and routine in the lives of its residents.

Comprising a bistro café, post office and mini grocery store, the shopping lane preserves the independence of residents by enabling them to undertake familiar tasks, such as going to the newsagents or purchasing fresh ingredients from the store.

Undertaking familiar tasks can be greatly beneficial to individuals with dementia, as research has demonstrated it can boost mental wellbeing by providing a sense of purpose and pleasure.

With elderly loneliness on the rise, the shopping lane additionally serves to boost social activity by enabling residents to meet up with family and friends outside of the typical health care setting.

The shopping lane initiative has been well-received by residents, as corroborated by Betty Hyde-Clarke (94), who said: “I visited the shopping lane yesterday to meet up with one of my friends. I had such a lovely time – it was great to have a chat and cup of tea in a different environment.”

Discussing the launch of the initiative, Claire Selby, manager of The Dell, said: “We are beyond excited to launch the new shopping lane in our Dell care home. The initiative will provide residents with more independence and a higher sense of self-worth, as tasks which may have associated risks can now be undertaken in a controlled, safe environment.”

Elaborating further on the benefits, Claire continued: “The shopping lane will also encourage increased social interaction, as residents can arrange to meet up with friends, fellow residents or family members. We hope the increased social activity will help combat resident loneliness, which has been on the rise due to lockdowns and restrictions.

“We are pleased to hear how much the residents enjoy the improvements we are making and the beneficial effects it has on their happiness and wellbeing,” Claire concluded.

Wellbeing Care is a family-run group of care services that focuses on providing first-rate, person-centred care to older people living in Suffolk and Northamptonshire, providing residential care, nursing care, dementia care, respite care, day care and supported living services.













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