Stocks Hall St Helens, Take To The Ice

A group of people living at Stocks Hall, St Helens Nursing Home, recently experienced the thrill and excitement of Ice-Skating for themselves.

Sean, Carl, David and Irene were accompanied by Health Care Assistant’s Dawn, Lisa, Maria and Lucy from the Activities Team, with Steve driving the minibus, for the exciting journey to Silver Blades Ice Rink in Widnes.

Prior to arrival, Lucy had contacted Silver Blades Ice Rink to plan for the event. Lucy describes Silver Blades as “Absolutely brilliant in accommodating the whole group’s Individual and varied needs on the ice”. Lucy continues “We want to offer people living at the Home opportunities to participate in various sports and activities that they may never have had access to in their lives, or even thought they were able to participate in – Ice Skating is a perfect example of this.”

The sport Ice skating offers an amazing array of different sensory experiences. The acoustics of the Ice rink, the cool temperature and the sensation of freedom of smoothly skating, whilst being assisted in a wheelchair over the ice are all very unique, sensory, personal experiences.

The whole group had an amazing time, and the event gave great pleasure to all involved. One only has to look at the photographs and video coverage to see and hear what this sporting opportunity and experience meant to so many.

Lucy says “It was wonderful for Stocks Hall, St Helens to share together in this way. It left us more determined and with renewed hope …….. that anything is possible. Watch this space as we capture our next adventure, celebrating life together.”







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