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Staff Members Recognised for their Efforts with Awards Night at Buckinghamshire Care Home

Staff members at a Buckinghamshire care home have been awarded for their efforts with a wonderful awards ceremony.

Five staff members received the ‘going the extra mile award’ at MHA Hillside in Aylesbury which was given to them as recognition for their hard work.

Also as part of the awards night, several staff members received their long service awards ranging from five to ten years.

MHA Hillside is a 68 bed home which provides nursing care for older people, those with a physical disability and younger people with a long term medical condition.

The winners were nominated by staff and residents and then shortlisted by the home manager.

On the day 75 goodie bags were made for all staff members, which contained a thank you message

Grainne Wokes, home manager said: “We have been doing these awards nights since 2017 and pre covid we would really glamourise them with a red carpet and other decorations.

“They are always very successful and allow us to give something back to our wonderful staff members.

“They acknowledge our staff members who work amazingly hard to make sure the residents are well looked after.

“Residents and staff were given a few weeks to do their nominations to allow them to think about who they want to nominate and help build up momentum.

“Myself and the area manager then shortlisted the five winners, who all received an award.

“At MHA Hillside we know how important it is to celebrate occasions with our staff and residents, this helps to build the bond between them and makes the home an enjoyable place to live and work in.”

Those who received their long service awards were

Arleen Dagoy Senior Nurse- 10 years

Alex Harbour Domestic assistant- 10 years

Diane Marsh- Housekeeper 10 years

Helen Mercury Care assistant- 10 years

Felicja Pedowska Senior Nurse – 10 years

Ioana Banga Senior Nurse- 10 years

Marian Hood Social care facilitator- 10 years

Mircea Munteanu-Senior Nurse 5 years

Hajira Bibi Domestic assistant– 5 years

Nelicija Cato Dungo- care assistant 5 years

Daisy Thomas- Senior Nurse 5 years

Saihyba Shafiq- Care assistant 5 years

Ferolyn Leagogo-Care assistant 5 years

Verena Roper- Domestic assistant 5 years

Andrea Bowhay-Activities coordinator 5 years

Joanna Szlabowska- Care assistant 5 years





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