Spearhead Unveils New Look Platinum Plan – The Complete Cleaning Solution For Care Homes

SpearheadSpearhead Healthcare has unveiled a brand new look for its popular cleaning programme – the Platinum Plan – along with a number of updates and refinements to the products, training and documentation to help care homes achieve outstanding levels of hygiene while saving time and money.

Spearhead’s Platinum Plan provides care homes with a complete cleaning and compliance solution designed to minimise the cost, time and risk associated with routine cleaning, infection control, paperwork and adherence to all the relevant industry standards and regulations[1].

The Plan encompasses three core elements. First, in-depth training on COSHH regulations; second, a comprehensive documentation package neatly contained within a ring binder that gives managers all the paperwork they need, in one place, ranging from usage guidelines and cost sheets to templates for cleaning schedules, logs and risk assessments. Third, a range of high-performance cleaning chemicals, specially developed for the care environment, all colour-coded and available as concentrates designed to keep costs to a minimum.

The new refinements to the Platinum Plan include:

  • Updated training to keep care homes fully up to speed with the latest developments and best practices in infection control.
  • Redeveloped documentation for cleaning and training such as new logs and records to ensure that the highest possible standards of auditing and accountability, ready for inspections.
  • New products such as the Multi-Surface Spray Polish, which reduces the need for multiple (unnecessary) products, in line with COSHH guidelines, and makes cleaning more economical.
  • New product sizes to meet the needs of a wider range of care homes, such as a 5-litre High Strength Machine Dishwash and High Strength Machine Rinse Aid.
  • Redesigned branding and packaging across all products and paperwork, with particular emphasis on extending the successful colour coding scheme to indicate where and when each product should be used, and to easily locate the matching documentation.

Russell Pillar, Director of Care Interiors at Spearhead says: “It’s clear that the only way to prevent and contain infection outbreaks, while meeting regulatory requirements, is to implement a highly systematic and rigorous approach to cleaning, training and documentation. The three go hand in hand. Anything less endangers the health of residents and carers, not to mention the reputation of your home.

“For this reason, hundreds of care homes across the UK rely on Spearhead’s cost-effective Platinum Plan to cover all bases for them. I’m confident that our customers and prospects will appreciate the visual makeover that we’ve given the Plan, which – in tandem with our new products, expert training and updated guidance on documentation – will contribute to making cleaning and compliance an easier task to manage.”

Sophie Parker, Head Housekeeper at Dalawoodie House Nursing Home in Dumfries uses a wide variety of Platinum products from carpet shampoo to floor cleaner and air freshener. She says: “Because you dilute the chemicals you know you are using the right amount – overuse is as bad as underuse! It was great that staff were trained up on chemicals and their uses before we started. It’s made a huge difference to the cost now that they are being used properly. Also, all the paperwork that comes with the Platinum Plan saves a lot of work.”

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