Social Care Bosses Call For Greater Ring-Fenced Funding

BossesLed by the care industry’s top conference and exhibitions; The Care Show and Health+Care, social care chiefs launch a petition today, to get government investing more in the sector and to realise the true power of the UK’s social care system. Greater investment in the UK’s social care system could save the NHS millions they say.

The impetus has come from a widespread belief that by giving the ‘unsung heroes’ of the care profession the resources required to deliver world class care to vulnerable adults in a home environment, we can alleviate the burgeoning pressures on NHS resources.

Despite government’s intention to stream an extra £240 million into social care services this winter to help alleviate pressures on the NHS, the event’s organisers believe far more must be done to ring fence future funding to ensure it truly benefits the social care industry. “This latest funding announcement proves that there’s money’s in the pot, but it must be properly invested in preventative services” said Michael Corbett, Care Show’s Event Manager.

“Right now, we’re still dousing the fire, pouring money into healthcare, when we should pull the wood from underneath; giving our social care professionals the resources they need to keep people well and out of hospitals” – Michael Corbett, Care Show’s Event Manager

With the aspiration to join forces with the care sector’s leading lights, to drive forward the campaign, Corbett adds: “Whilst our individual voices risk being lost in wider political noise, it is our belief that a united front will place arguments about social care capacity firmly on the agenda for the next general election, for future spending rounds and beyond”

Despite the eagerly awaited £20bn a year budget increase, NHS resources remain overstretched. With greater funding, social care can create a dramatic release on healthcare system pressures and help keep people out of hospitals and managing conditions at home for a better quality of life and wellbeing.

Currently, a staggering 1.4 million over 65’s do not receive the care support they need with essential living activities as the UK faces a social care crisis[1]. Spiralling to £160 million in the past five years alone, public spending cuts on older people’s social care leaves thousands of disabled people and the elderly without the care they need and deserve. Yet, there is indisputable evidence that greater investment in social care can significantly reduce government spend on more costly healthcare in the future.

The impact of slashed social care funds on the NHS is irreputable. A staggering £550 per minute is now spent due to ‘bed blocking’, with staff unable to discharge older people home from hospital safely. Coupled with increases in the use of A&E services[2] among the older population and triple the number of pensioners waiting 12 hours on a trolley[3], older people are paying the price.

Whilst the campaign will implicitly call for more funding, it was as much a question of recognition, Corbett said. “We respectfully ask HM government to make much larger annual increases in funding for our social care system to provide the efficient, properly staffed and well-equipped system that we all need and deserve. Together, we can realise the power of care!”

You can support this campaign by adding your name to the petition today:

























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