Secret Bird Art of Warminster Project Takes off at Care Home

Wren House care home in Warminster has become the latest canvas of the market town’s own version of Banksy, Tanya Hinton – the woman behind the Secret Bird Art of Warminster project.

Tanya’s work to liven up the town by painting pictures of wild birds on dilapidated and boarded-up buildings caught the eye of residents and staff at the care home, who contacted her to volunteer their door as the location for her newest artwork.

The home’s entranceway has since become Tanya’s latest canvas, with a pair of beautifully painted chirping wrens welcoming visitors.

Pauline Taylor, a resident at Wren House care home said: “Tanya has done such a wonderful job. The two birds look like they are in mid-conversation and are so life-like that at first you think they are real. It puts a smile on our faces every time we see them.”

Tanya said: “I started painting small birds just to brighten up the town. They’re only small paintings, but so many people have told me how much they love them. If they make someone smile, then I’m happy.

“I’ve painted blue tits, pheasants, magpies – and even a parakeet – but of course, Wren House needed to have a wren. Because they are social birds who enjoying singing together I had to paint two!”