Runny Lion Eggs Return To Care Home Menus

BoilingEggsFifteen months on from the official change in FSA advice, care home caterers are returning runny and raw eggs to their menus, ensuring that their residents don’t miss out on popular mealtime options like scrambled eggs, boiled egg with soldiers and omelettes.

The change in FSA advice confirmed that British Lion eggs are safe to be eaten runny and even raw by elderly people, as long as they have the British Lion mark.

A number of care home providers, including BUPA, Anchor Trust, Care UK and Four Seasons, have all since confirmed to the British Egg Information Service that they are using Lion stamped eggs in their homes.

As well as boosting protein levels, eggs also contain numerous vitamins such as vitamin D, B vitamins, iodine and choline and can be useful in helping to cater for elderly people with dementia due to their widespread use in many classic recipes.

Andrew Joret, chairman of the British Egg Industry Council, says “With eggs occupying a key place in many traditional British dishes, it is wonderful that more and more elderly people in care homes are now able to enjoy them served runny and raw.

“As awareness of the change in FSA advice is beginning to seep through and research on the universal health benefits of eggs continues to be published, it is fantastic that an increasing number of care homes are taking note of the safety guarantees associated with runny and raw Lion eggs and their health benefits.”





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