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R&RA Joins with Rights for Residents to Form Care Rights UK

R&RA has joined forces with campaign group Rights For Residents, to form a new charity, Care Rights UK to defend the rights of and create a new voice for people in care and their families, Ultimately, the charity says that “we want everyone to enjoy good quality care that meets their needs and respects their rights”.

Rights for Residents was set up in the summer of 2020 by Jenny Morrison and Diane Mayhew as a direct response to the impact of lockdown restrictions on Jenny’s mum, who was living in care at the time. Their efforts have been hugely successful, attracting thousands of supporters and helping to ensure the media keeps a spotlight on issues around isolation and residents’ rights more widely. The campaign brought together families from across the country to successfully lobby for changes to the restrictions around visiting.

As a community of families and experts, Care Rights UK will fight for better lives for people in care, the charity reports. Care Rights UK has also stated that it will challenge poor care, highlight good practice and demand a better care system.

Trish Davies, Chair of Care Rights UK, said, ‘I am delighted to announce the launch of Care Rights UK, a new name for the charity that supports the rights of older people needing care. We will campaign vigorously for high quality services and support families and residents with advice on how to obtain the best care.

‘Bringing together the 30 years’ experience of the Relatives & Residents Association, in providing individual advice and support, with the campaigning energy of Rights For Residents, we have created a stronger and more powerful voice for the rights of older people. During the past three years the rights of people in care have been ignored and abused; our work is needed more now than ever. Care Rights UK will be your care champion.’

Diane Mayhew, Campaign Manager of Care Rights UK, said, ‘For the last three years our grass roots campaign group, Rights For Residents, has been fighting for the rights of those in care. Our commitment and willingness to support loved ones in care and speak on behalf of the voices that can’t be heard, burns stronger than ever. With providers warning that the social care system is at crisis point, people are struggling with a failing sector. If we are to prevent more older people ending their lives without proper care, we must act now.

‘When the opportunity arose to come together with the Relatives & Residents Association as Care Rights UK, we grabbed it with both hands. Along with the same community of relatives, friends and volunteers you know and love, we are looking forward to working together with experts and providers, to demand a care system we can all be proud of.’








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