RoSPAunches Unintentional Product-Injuries Survey

RoSPA has launched a survey to find out more about the causes of the hundreds of thousands of unintentional injuries that happen in the UK every year.

RoSPA’s survey – to be delivered online and in hospitals and GP surgeries across the country – will be gathering data specifically with regards to those injuries caused by everyday household items and consumer products, and will help to fill a huge gap in unintentional injury data.

At present, no detailed data collection process exists for the thousands of life-ending or life-changing accidents that happen every year, which place huge burdens on our health and social care services, and cause heartache for those affected.

It is hoped this pilot survey will enable safety and public health practitioners and authorities to develop programmes that can tackle accidents caused by products.

Errol Taylor, RoSPA chief executive, said: “Accident prevention initiatives are proven to work. Through educational programmes, improved engineering and targeted enforcement, the rates of death and serious injuries on our roads and in our workplaces has been drastically reduced over a number of years.

“However, it’s only possible to create such initiatives with the proper data. The number of serious unintentional injuries leading to death and hospital admission and attendance from both the home and leisure environments are on the rise, and yet the country does not carry out any active data collection in these areas. We hope that our new survey will help to address those common injuries caused by everyday household items and consumer products.”

The survey has been developed in partnership with Geraldine Cosh Consulting. Anyone affected by an accident, whether to themselves or a member of the family, is encouraged to take part. See







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