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RMBI Care Co. Commits to Becoming a ‘Menopause Friendly Employer’ to Mark World Menopause Day 2022

According to Skills for Care, over a quarter of adult social care staff are aged 55 and over, with the average age being 44. Similarly, perimenopause and menopause, (which are a natural part of a woman’s life course) usually occur between the ages of 45 and 55, as a woman’s oestrogen levels drop. However, it can start earlier.* To mark World Menopause Day on October 18, care provider RMBI Care Co. has committed to becoming a menopause friendly employer.

“Our journey began last year, when we created a new menopause policy. Wellbeing Champions in each of our 17 care homes in England and Wales have since come up with creative ways to raise awareness amongst staff, sharing resources about the menopause and our Manager’s Guide provides clear support and guidance to those who may be affected. We are very committed to becoming a menopause friendly employer,” said Mark LLoyd, Managing Director at RMBI Care Co.

In recent months, RMBI Care Co., which supports older people with residential care, nursing care and residential dementia support, has run virtual learning sessions for staff. This was its chosen focus to support Learning at Work Week, organised by Campaign for Learning.

A new online training has also been made available for all staff in the charity’s efforts to become an ‘Accredited Menopause Friendly Employer,’ working with Menopause Friendly. Thanks to this training course, staff had the opportunity to learn that menopause symptoms can last for over seven years and that the menopause can affect women’s mental health.

Kitchen Assistant Dipa Gurung, 43, at RMBI Care Co. Home Connaught Court in York, said: “The online workshops have been a brilliant way to learn more about the menopause and how it might affect different people. The events put on by our Wellbeing Champion have also helped to create an open culture, so even if you didn’t know anything about the menopause before, you feel more confident and comfortable to ask questions.”


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