Professional Care Workers’ Week Returns

Professional Care Workers’ Week returns for its second year, this year taking place between September 6–10, aiming to shine a light on the work happening in the social care sector and to explore some of the issues facing people working in social care and the wider sector.

This year’s event marks the fourth time the event has been run and the second time it has been organised and led by The Care Workers’ Charity. Last year’s event was held virtually, and the decision was made to do the same this year due to uncertainty around COVID-19 infections, and to ensure the event is inclusive and accessible to a wider audience.

This year, Professional Care Workers’ Week will shine a light on the work happening in the social care sector; exploring some of the issues faced by the workforce, as well as challenges faced by the sector as a whole. The aim this year is to highlight and increase wider understanding of what it means to work in social care- the charity looks forward to hearing directly from care workers and care managers, as it is important to us to have their voices central in our discussions. Collaboration is at the heart of PCWW, which provides a platform for people to share best practice, experiences and to have discussions about topics such as the future of social care, how to retain and build the workforce and the rise of technology. Such collaboration is key to uniting the sector and is always a key aim of our event which has a variety of exciting panel discussions and workshops.

Karolina Gerlich, Chief Executive Officer of The Care Workers’ Charity, said, ‘We are thrilled to announce the return of Professional Care Workers’ Week this September, and hope you will join us as we bring the social care community together to raise much needed awareness of the sector and to share admiration for our incredible workforce.’