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MHA Elmside Hosts Wedding Re-Enactment For Devoted Grandmother

MHA Elmside care home recently hosted a re-enacted wedding ceremony, as the close-knit family of resident Beryl Taylor, 95, decided to ‘take the wedding to their nan’ in the home’s beautiful gardens.

Groom and grandson Joe Wiggins, married his fiancé Charlene Wiggins (nee Henry) earlier in the month at the Three Rivers Church in Bedford, which was followed by a Covid compliant reception at The Bedford Swan Hotel. Despite livestreaming the event to the many guests sadly unable to attend, the devoted grandson wanted to ensure his grandmother Beryl didn’t miss out on the magic of the day, so a plan was hatched!

Joe said: “Family means a lot to us and we were gutted that Beryl was unable to come to the real wedding. We wanted her to share in the magic of our marriage and create memories and photos for the future, so this seemed the perfect alternative.”

“I have always been very close to my Nan, I understand that she may not be able to remember our wedding re-enactment clearly, but I believe that the happiness she experienced during our visit will stay with her.”

Bride Charlene said: “My Dad was able to walk me down the ‘aisle’ again and it was great to have Beryl feel like she was part of our big day. I loved putting my dress on again as brides don’t often get to wear their dress a second time.”

Vilawan Hawkes, home manager at MHA Elmside said: “We couldn’t let Beryl miss out, so the happy couple re-enacted their wedding day especially for her at Elmside. It was a special moment, and so lovely to share our garden with them, especially during our Garden Week. Many congratulations to a lovely couple.”

The bride and groom added: “We were very touched by the reception we received from both the staff and residents at Elmside. We arrived to a round of applause and some very touching comments and congratulations. We were lucky to get a feel of the magic we had on our wedding day, all over again! After the “ceremony” at Elmside we had some quality time with Nan at our own ‘reception’. We had cake and wine and listened to some of Nan’s favourite music, she tapped her foot and sang along, it was beautiful. These are memories we will never forget.”

Beryl said of the occasion: “Your dress looks beautiful” adding “thanks for the wine, but I would much prefer a cup of tea.”