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Primrose Croft Residents Love Cows About Cambridge

Cows about Cambridge is a spectacular public art event weaving its way around the city from Monday 28th June – Saturday 4th September 2021. There are 90 cow sculptures forming a free, fun, family-friendly trail of discovery for local people to explore and enjoy.

There are 44 large cows each on individually designed by an artist and sponsored by a business, and a further 46 mini moo created by schools and cow-munity groups around Cambridge.

It is being run by Wild in Art who started up in 2008 and have animated cities across the world. When the event finishes the cows will be auctioned off and all of the proceeds will go to the charity children’s Break.

Once Primrose Croft Care Home in Cambridge residents had heard of “Cows about Cambridge,” they thought it would be a great idea of doing a mini-mini-cow version of their own.

The residents had a brainstorming session of what they would put onto their cow linked with the pandemic time at Primrose Croft.

The colour of the cow would be purple which summarised the poem by Jenny Joseph called “When I grow old, I will wear purple.” This was read on National Poetry Day by a kind volunteer, Diane. The poem inspired the residents to write their own, which they called “we’re not ready for the knacker’s yard yet.”

The first thing all the residents said that they have missed the most is seeing their family. The word family MUST go on their cow. Ursula said technology helped them to stay connected with their family so the word technology must also be on the cow.

Primrose Croft is where we live, Derek commented so a picture of the lovely home must also be on the cow.

Paul said the correspondence that we receive keeps us busy discussing the contents and then deciding what to write back. It was decided Postcards of Kindness and YOPEY Befrienders will also have a position on their cow.

We discussed how NHS and all the Frontline Workers have and are still working tirelessly. The rainbow was a big thing at the beginning giving everyone hope for the future. Everybody was painting rainbows and the residents painted their summer house rainbow colours.

Blue Poppy with Love for frontline workers have been selling blue poppies and masks to make money for the NHS. They sent the residents some of their Blue Poppies which the residents loved and inspired the residents to do some Blue Poppy pictures recycling some old jigsaw puzzles.

For Alzheimer’s Society Awareness Day residents took part in a project for making a Mr Men Book as it was Mr Men 50th Birthday. They chose to call their new character Mr Forget-me-not which was a shape of a forget-me-not flower which is the symbol for Alzheimer’s Society. It is about Mr Forget-me-not forgetting where his family and friends live. They plant certain flowers in their front gardens. Certain flowers bring back memories for Mr Forget-me-not about a particular family or friend, so he knows it is that certain persons house.

Residents have thoroughly enjoyed taking part of this interesting project as they love to still feel part of their community. They have been following Cows of Cambridge through the local papers and on Cows of Cambridge Facebook page.

If anybody is in Cambridge and see any of these cows our residents would love to see some pictures of them, it would make their day. Please post them on to Primrose Croft Care Home – Excelcare Facebook page.











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