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Moment In Time-Sealed “Experiences” To Be Opened In 2022

The ‘Moment in Time’ project idea evolved from work with people and organisations impacted by multiple losses during the pandemic, particularly within Health and Social Care. NAPA, NCF and Beacon Consultancy have come together to create this unique project. The COVID-19 pandemic is a significant moment in time, which has changed and disrupted people’s lives across the globe. This project aims to capture the range of these experiences for posterity, by creating ‘Moment in Time’ boxes, which will be ‘sealed’ and opened on the same day in 2022.

Vic Rayner, CEO of NCF says,

Memories are some of the most precious things to us all. They are part of us, and they remind of us key events in our lives. For many of us, this last year has been one of the most challenging years of our lives and there are many reasons why we might not wish to remember. However, together we have a story that is important to tell, and we can piece together the tough times alongside the things that made us feel loved and supported and bring them in one place so that we never forget.

Hilary Woodhead, Executive Director of NAPA says,

The Moment in Time project has been inspired by the idea of a ‘time capsule’. We are inviting you to use the tools and resources developed for this project to bring together the things that have meaning into a time capsule – individual or organisation-wide – highs or lows – spoken or written – whatever is meaningful for you and the people that you provide care and support to. We then want you to put that away for a year – until July 19th 2022. Then we will celebrate the opening back up and the reconnection with important memories which reflect what that moment in time meant to you.

Denise Turner from Beacon Consultancy says,

Despite all the talk of a ‘return to normal,’ the pandemic has changed our lives in unforgettable ways. This project will capture these experiences as a ‘moment in time’, creating valuable memories and artefacts for sharing in the future. Making and sharing memories in this way has been shown to have positive impacts on wellbeing, which are much needed after the deprivations of COVID-19.  Although the project will end with the opening of the boxes in 2022, some may choose to keep them and even add new items as time passes, thereby building a useful resource for future generations.

Free downloadable ‘Moment in Time’ resources and a how-to guide are available. To find out more about this project and start your own ‘Moment in Time’ visit: NAPA, NCF and Beacon Consultancy. Keep the conversation going on social media using #Momentintime21.

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