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Open Day Hailed A Great Success and Lots Of Visitors At Jubilee House

An open day to celebrate the transformation of a Whitby nursing home has been hailed as a great success.

Jubilee House threw open its doors to show off the results of a quarter of a million-pound investment programme.

And its owners were thrilled at the response as visitors gathered at the home on White Point Road in the town. They were able to see the changes that have taken place since the home was taken over by Saint Cecilia’s Care Group last year.

Registered Manager Tara Batra said:
“The open day was a success beyond our wildest hopes. From 10am there was a constant stream of visitors!

“During the open day we met some people who were looking for a nursing home for themselves or relatives and other guests who came for a look round.

“It was a real pleasure to be able to show off Jubilee House as we are really proud of what we have achieved since taking over. The place is looking really great and I think everyone who came was really impressed by what they saw.”

Jubilee House was previously Oakland nursing home and was given the new name after the takeover. The name was chosen as the takeover happened around the time of the late Queen’s jubilee last year.

It was also felt that a new name would signal a fresh start for the home, which is registered for 27 residents and has 25 staff.

The home is Saint Cecilia’s second nursing home, joining Saint Cecilia’s Nursing Home in Scarborough. The company also has Saint Cecilia’s and Normanby House care homes and Saint Cecilia’s Day Care centre in Scarborough and the Alba Rose care home in Pickering.

Picture Open 1: Jubilee House resident John Gregory joins in the fun at the open day

Picture Open 2: Jubilee House and Saint Cecilia’s Care Group staff with visitors from North Yorkshire Council during the open day.


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