Online Healthcare Training Nets Millionth User

ELFHHealth Education England’s e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH) scheme has reached the significant milestone of one million users on the HEE e-LfH Hub.

HEE e-LfH works in partnership with the NHS and professional bodies to support patient care by providing e-learning to educate and train the health and care workforce. All content is nationally quality-assured and available free of charge. HEE e-LfH programmes are developed for their potential to make maximum impact on the quality of care that users of the Hub deliver, including the entire health and care workforce, teachers, volunteers, local government and public health colleagues.

HEE e-LfH’s programmes provide an “anytime, anywhere” learning opportunity for those working in health and care. All content is created by a team of experts including a clinical lead to ensure the resource is accurately mapped to the relevant curriculum. Many programmes also include an e-assessment option providing learners and trainers with evidence of progress.

There are currently more than 210 e-learning projects being developed and delivered, comprising more than 24,000 e-learning sessions. The sessions are delivered in partnership with professional bodies, including Royal Colleges and associations, NHS organisations, charities and other health and care organisations.

The e-learning scheme covers subjects from audiology to anaesthesia, dentistry to dermatology, emergency medicine to end of life care, primary care to prescribing, safeguarding children to statutory and mandatory training.

All HEE e-LfH’s programmes are available via the HEE e-LfH Hub, with most also being available via the Electronic Staff Record. The training is also available via OpenAthens, meaning that anyone who is entitled to an OpenAthens account can access the content free of charge. Some HEE e-LfH programmes are also available internationally via eIntegrity.The HEE e-LfH Hub records user activity, enabling users to run reports on their learning activity and build a transferable life-long learning portfolio.

Martin Sinclair, Programme Lead, Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have reached the milestone of one million e-Learning for Healthcare users. This is testament to the high-quality content we produce with our partners that has the potential to make maximum impact on the quality of patient care. Our e-learning programmes enhance traditional learning, support existing teaching methods and provide a valuable reference point.

“The breadth of subject matter that is covered within HEE e-LfH means there really is a programme for everyone who works in health and care.”

For more information about HEE e-LfH visit https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/.