100-Mile England To Scotland Bike Ride For Macmillan

Mil3A 100-MILE bike ride will be undertaken by a care home quality manager to raise funds to support those with cancer.

60-year-old Lynn Walter is taking on the challenge for Macmillan Cancer Support, the chosen charity of her employer, the Hill Care Group, based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

As the company’s group quality manager, Lynn is joining colleagues from the head office and care homes across the country to raise funds for the charity throughout the year.

Her 100-mile journey by bicycle will start at Bitts Park, Carlisle, cross the border to Scotland, and finish at Cramond Beach, Edinburgh.

She will be joined by 11 members of her cycling club, DOBS and FOBS CC, in The Wirrall.

They estimate the ride should take around eight hours, starting on Saturday, 22nd June, and travelling throughout the night to finish the following day.

Lynn said: “I decided to do the challenge for Macmillan Cancer Support, as Hill Care’s charity of the year, because my dear friend and neighbor is currently being supported by Macmillan nurses.

“I expect the ride to be very hard, especially as it’s overnight. I have never cycled at night before and worry about staying awake.

“I am used to cycling up to 50 to 60 miles on a regular basis, but this is a lot more miles. There is also a seven-mile-long hill, just after the food stop at 50 miles, that will be a challenge.

“I have been training hard, putting in some hill climbs and getting out with cycling club on a regular basis, so I’m looking forward to it now.

“We are appealing for donations so we can raise as much money as possible for Macmillan. Any support, no matter how small, is very much appreciated.”

Anyone who would like to support Lynn and Hill Care’s Macmillan Cancer Support fundraising can donate via