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Nursing Staff to be Consulted on Scottish Government Pay Offer

The RCN is to consult its members on the new NHS pay offer. The consultation will open on Tuesday 28 February and close at 9am on Monday 20 March.

Members employed on an NHS Scotland Agenda for Change contract will be asked to vote to accept or reject the Scottish government’s new pay offer. RCN Scotland Board is recommending to members that they vote to accept the offer.

The new offer includes a pay increase of different percentages depending on the Agenda for Change band, a one-off lump sum and a review of Agenda for Change.

Julie Lamberth, Chair, RCN Scotland Board said:
“It was our overwhelming mandate for strike action from RCN members in Scotland that forced the Scottish government to commit to further negotiations. The pressure from RCN members has been instrumental in keeping negotiations going with Scottish government and the RCN needed to see this process through in good faith.

“We have considered the offer from the Scottish government which includes a pay increase and a review of Agenda for Change and how it works for nursing. We believe it will make a positive difference for our members which is why we are recommending they vote to accept the offer.”

Colin Poolman, RCN Director, said:
“It will be up to our members to decide whether, overall, the new offer meets their expectations. If accepted by our members, the provision in the new offer for the review of the Agenda for Change pay structure provides a clear path for reform. If our members reject this new offer our mandate for strike action still stands and we will look to announce strike dates.”

















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